Australian Telco EUTRAN Mobile Networks Software

Making use of Australian Elevation Data in Forsk Atoll

Importing Elevation data from ELVIS into Forsk Atoll

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Software

Open5GS – Splitting Network Elements

Separating Network Elements (NEs) in NextEPC packet core.

EPC EUTRAN GSM IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks SIM Cards Software

Building Android APN / Carrier Config

How Android OS autoprovisions APN settings and how to set your own for your unique MCC & MNC.

Kamailio Security Software VoIP

Kamailio Bytes – Geoip2

Using GeoIP2 module to trace source of traffic and use that for routing in Kamailio


Forsk Atoll – WMS Map Tiles

Adding online map tiles in Forsk Atoll

EPC Linux LTE Mobile Networks RF Software

Magma – Facebook’s Open Source LTE / 4G EPC/OSS Platform

In February Facebook announced they’d open sourced their Magma project, Magma provides a software-centric distributed mobile packet core and tools for automating network management. Open-sourcing Magma to extend mobile networks Magma’s modular software based architecture means you can scale up extra resources as needed, with no need to have physical hardware to run your EPC. […]

EPC IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks Notes RFCs & Standards SDM Security SIM Cards Software VoIP

All About IMS Authentication (AKAv1-MD5) in VoLTE Networks

How the AKAv1-MD5 algorith derives keys and how it’s used in IMS Networks