Kamailio I-CSCF – SRV Lookup Behaviour

Recently I had a strange issue I thought I’d share. Using Kamailio as an Interrogating-CSCF, Kamailio was getting the S-CSCF details from the User-Authorization-Answer’s “Server-Name” (602) AVP. The value was set to: But the I-CSCF was only looking up A-Records for, not using DNS-SRV. The problem? The Server-Name I had configured as a […]

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Ubuntu Cloned VMs getting Duplicate IPs (and yes – the MAC Addresses are unique)

Short mystery regarding cloned Ubuntu VMs with different MAC Addresses being allocated the same IP Addresses by DHCP.

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Getting TEID up with GTP Tunnels

What’s the deal with Tunnel Endpoint Identifiers and what do they do?