5G SA EPC Mobile Networks RF

5GC for EPC Folks – Control Plane Signalling

Comparing the Control Plane signalling in 5GC compared to EPC.

5G SA EPC Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards

5GC for EPC Folks – User Plane Traffic

How User Plane traffic is handled in 5GC compared to EPC

5G SA Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards

Meta: 5G on this Blog

No talk of Augmented Reality, Holographic Video calls, 5G cities. Just info about real 5G topics for nerds.

Voice over IP

SIP Hold – With RFC6337

How SIP hold using RFC6336 is implemented and how it looks in production.

EPC LTE Mobile Networks

LTE EPC: Packet Gateway (P-GW) Basic Function

The Packet Gateway’s purpose in the EPC.

EPC LTE Mobile Networks

LTE EPC: Serving Gateway (S-GW) Basic Function

Basic processes and functions of the LTE EPC Serving Gateway (S-GW).

RFCs & Standards Voice over IP

FreeSWITCH WebRTC with sipML5

Using FreeSWITCH to serve WebSocket / WebRTC connections

Linux Software

Docker Cheatsheet

Cheat sheets for common Docker Commands

Asterisk Kamailio Voice over IP

Kamailio Bytes – Gotchas with Kamailio as an Asterisk Load Balancer

Things to keep in mind before using Kamailio as a Load Balancer for Asterisk

Linux Security

mkcert – Simple Localhost Certs

Using Mkcert to generate valid SSL certificates on your local machine for development

EPC LTE Mobile Networks

Open5GS EPC: Static IP Addresses for UEs / APNs / Subscribers

Assigning static IPs to UEs in Open5GS

5G SA EPC LTE Mobile Networks

CUPS – Control and User Plane Separation in LTE & NR with PFCP (Sx & N4)

A look at PFCP for the Sx and N4 Interfaces

Kamailio Voice over IP

Kamailio World 2020

Kamailio world was an online event this year, but you can find all the videos here now they’ve all been posted.

GSM Mobile Networks

Twenty years of the Nokia 3310

1 September 2000 was when the 3310 was released…

Australian Telco

AS/CA S009:2020 Key Changes for Cablers

Key changes in Australia’s AS/CA S009:2020 (Installation requirements for customer cabling
(Wiring Rules))

EPC Mobile Networks

Wireshark Filtering S1AP to find Subscriber Signaling

Using Wireshark to filter S1 messaging to find signalling from a specific subscriber,

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Software

List of Open Source Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Implementations

List of Open Source Evolved Packet Core implementations

GSM LTE Mobile Networks Software

Android Carrier Privileges

Unlocking Carrier Privileges through certificate on a UICC

EPC GSM LTE Mobile Networks Uncategorized

Getting TIED up with GTP Tunnels

What’s the deal with Tunnel Endpoint Identifiers and what do they do?

GSM Mobile Networks RF

GSM with Osmocom: Handovers

A look at the Handover process between Cells / BTSs in GSM using the Osmocom stack.