Forsk Atoll – WMS Map Tiles

RF Planning with Forsk Atoll - Importing environmental data

A hack I found useful to add Google Maps / Google Satelite View / Bing Maps / Bing Arial / Open Street Maps in Forsk Atoll.

Close Atoll,

Go to C -> Program Files -> Atoll

Edit the file named atoll.ini

Paste the following into it:

Name1 = OpenStreetMap Standard Map
URL1 =
Name2 = MapQuest Open Aerial
URL2 =
Name3 = 2Gis
URL3 =,256
Name4 = 2Gis without logo
URL4 = 
Name5 = Bing Aerial
URL5 =
Name6 = Bing Hybrid
URL6 =
Name7 = Bing Road
URL7 =
Name8 = Yandex Road
URL8 =
Name9 = Yandex Aerial
URL9 =
Name10 = Yandex Hybrid
URL10 =,skl&key=
Name11 = ArcGIS
URL11 =
Name12 = opencyclemap
URL12 =
Name13 = Google Terrain
URL13 =
Name14 = Google Map
URL14 =
Name15 = Google Hybrid (Map + Terrain)
URL15 =
Name16 = Google Hybrid (Map + Satellite)
URL16 =
Name17 = Google Satellite
URL17 =
Name18 = Google Scheme
URL18 =
Name19 = Google Scheme2 
URL19 =

Save and open Atoll,

Open the Geo Tab,

Right click on Online Maps, click “New”

Select the map source (In this example I’m using OSM) & hit Ok.

Enable the Online Map layer by ticking the layer.

Bam, done.

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3 thoughts on “Forsk Atoll – WMS Map Tiles

  1. Hello. You have great information on your site.

    I am not able to get the online map tiles to work in Atoll.

    The event viewer returns “ERROR 5/5/2022 – 2:33:03 PM HTTP Status: 400 Status Text returned by the server : Bad Request” for all of the URLs you provided.

    Thanks again for all of the great information.

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