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Forsk Atoll – Importing Antennas

I recently had a bunch of antennas profiles in .msi format, which is the Planet format for storing antenna radiation patterns, but I’m working in Forsk Atoll, so I needed to convert them,

To load these into Atoll, you need to create a .txt file with each of the MSI files in each of the directories, I could do this by hand, but instead I put together a simple Python script you point at the folder full of your MSI files, and it creates the index .txt file containing a list of files, with the directory name.txt, just replace path with the path to your folder full of MSI files,

#Atoll Index Generator
import os
path = "C:\Users\Nick\Desktop\Antennas\ODV-065R15E-G"
antenna_folder = path.split('\\')[-1]
f = open(path + '\\' + 'index_' + str(antenna_folder) + '.txt', 'w+')
files = os.listdir(path)
for individual_file in files:
    if individual_file[-4:] == ".msi":
        f.write(individual_file + "\n")


Which you can then import into Atoll, easy!