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GSM with Osmocom: OsmoSGSN for Packet Data

Configuring the Osmocom Serving Gateway Support Node (SGSN) for 2G/3G networks.

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Getting TEID up with GTP Tunnels

What’s the deal with Tunnel Endpoint Identifiers and what do they do?

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GSM with Osmocom: GPRS & Packet Data

So far we’ve focused on building a plain “2G” (voice and SMS only) network, which was all consumers expected twenty years ago. As the number of users accessing the internet through DSL, Dial Up & ISDN grew, the idea of getting this data “on the go” became more appealing. TCP/IP was becoming the dominant standard […]

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Why GTP for Mobile Networks?

Why and How GTP is used in LTE networks to carry user data.