EPC Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards VoIP

Docker & BIND as an ENUM Playground

A Bind environment in a Docker container for experimenting and learning ENUM for DNS based Call Routing.

Software VoIP

VoIP is an only child – ‘Gotchas’ on running VoIP applications inside Containers

It’s 2021, and everyone loves Containers; Docker & Kubernetes are changing how software is developed, deployed and scaled. And yet so much of the Telco world still uses bare metal servers and dedicated hardware for processing. So why not use Containers or VMs more for VoIP applications? Disclaimer – When I’m talking VoIP about VoIP […]


MSSQL in Docker

Well that was easy…

Asterisk Kamailio VoIP

Using Docker to develop SIP solutions with Kamailio

Using Docker to spin up environments to test Kamailio in

Linux Software

Docker Cheatsheet

Cheat sheets for common Docker Commands

Kamailio Python Software VoIP

Kamailio Bytes – Docker and Containers

Using Docker to containerize Kamailio instanances