Kamailio VoIP

ENUM in Practice with Kamailio

Using ENUM to resolve E.164 numbers into SIP URIs using Kamailio.

EPC Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards VoIP

Docker & BIND as an ENUM Playground

A Bind environment in a Docker container for experimenting and learning ENUM for DNS based Call Routing.

IMS / VoLTE Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards SDM VoIP

ENUM – DNS based Call Routing

Using DNS to resolve E.164 phone numbers to routable SIP URIs

Australian Telco RFCs & Standards

The Sad story of ENUM in Australia

ENUM was going to change telephone routing. No longer would you need to pay a carrier to take your calls across the PSTN, but rather through the use of DNS your handset would look up a destination and route in a peer to peer fashion. Number porting would just be a matter of updating NAPTR […]