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Cisco ITP / SS7 STP – Viewing MTP3 traffic from TDM Links

Okay, so a little late to the party on this one… The other day I had to setup a TDM (E1) based SS7 link (oh yes my friend – they still exist) to interconnect with another operator. I’m using Cisco’s ITP product as the STP / Signaling Gateway, and my trusty port mirror for what’s […]

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Demystifying SS7 & Sigtran – Part 4 – Routing with Point Codes

Getting from Point Code A to Point Code Z.

Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards VoIP

Demystifying SS7 & Sigtran – Part 3 – SS7 Lab in GNS3

Setting up our GNS3 environment with a bunch of SS7 Nodes