5G SA EPC IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks VoIP

Filtering for 3GPP DNS in Wireshark

Filtering for domains in Wireshark to make your troubleshooting easier

Linux Python Software

Scratch’n’Sniff – An easy tool for remote Packet Captures

A new tool I’ve written to stream packets from one machine to another for analysis in real time.

Linux Software

Fixing Wireshark / TCPdump pcap: network type 276 unknown or unsupported Error

Ubuntu 20.04 repos have a fairly outdated release of Wireshark, and the other day when trying to open a packet capture I got the below error: After doing an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade wireshark, the version of Wireshark, and the issue remained. I have compiled Wireshark from source before, but it’s a real headache, […]

Mobile Networks Security SIM Cards

SIM Card Sniffing with Wireshark

Using Wireshark to sniff communication between your computer and Smart Card / SIM Card

EUTRAN LTE Mobile Networks

Working with LTE MAC traces in Wireshark

Using Wireshark to view and analyze MAC layer LTE traffic

EPC EUTRAN IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks Security VoIP

Using Wireshark to peer inside IPsec ESP VoLTE data from the P-CSCF

Viewing the payload of an Encapsulated Security Payload in Wireshark.