A very unstable Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) with Kamailio

I’d been trying for some time to get Kamailio acting as a Diameter Routing Agent with mixed success, and eventually got it working, after a few changes to the codebase of the ims_diameter_server module.

It is rather unstable, in that if it fails to dispatch to a Diameter peer, the whole thing comes crumbling down, but incoming Diameter traffic is proxied off to another Diameter peer, and Kamailio even adds an extra AVP.

Having used Kamailio for so long I was really hoping I could work with Kamailio as a DRA as easily as I do for SIP traffic, but it seems the Diameter module still needs a lot more love before it’ll be stable enough and simple enough for everyone to use.

I created a branch containing the fixes I made to make it work, and with an example config for use, but use with caution. It’s a long way from being production-ready, but hopefully in time will evolve.


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