PyHSS New Features

Thanks to some recent developments, PyHSS has had a major overhaul recently, and is getting better than ever,

Some features that are almost ready for public release are:

Config File

Instead of having everything defined all over the place a single YAML config file is used to define how the HSS should function.

SCTP Support

No longer just limited to TCP, PyHSS now supports SCTP as well for transport,

SLh Interface for Location Services

So the GMLC can query the HSS as to the serving MME of a subscriber.

Additional Database Backends (MSSQL & MySQL)

No longer limited to just MongoDB, simple functions to add additional backends too and flexible enough to meet your existing database schema.

All these features will be merged into the mainline soon, and documented even sooner. I’ll share some posts on each of these features as I go.

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