Asterisk FreeSWITCH IMS / VoLTE Kamailio Mobile Networks VoIP

HOMER API in Python

Interacting with Homer SIP capture vai the API

EPC IMS / VoLTE Mobile Networks Python SDM Software

Diameter Routing Agents – Part 5 – AVP Transformations with FreeDiameter and Python in rt_pyform

Using FreeDiameter, Python and our newly released “rt_pyform” module to rewrite AVPs in your FreeDiameter based Diameter Routing Agent.

FreeSWITCH Linux Python VoIP

FreeSWITCH mod_python3 – Python Dialplans

Using Python3 inside the FreeSWITCH Dialplan


Querying CouchDB with Python

Searching with CouchDB in Python

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python RFCs & Standards SDM Software

Telephony binary-coded decimal (TBCD) in Python with Examples

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re trying to work out what Telephony Binary-Coded Decimal encoding is. I got you. Again I found myself staring at encoding trying to guess how it worked, reading references that looped into other references, in this case I was encoding MSISDN AVPs in Diameter. How to Encode a number […]

Notes Python Software

Adding SNMP to anything with Redis and Python

Bolting an SNMP Server and stats collection onto your existing Python projects.

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python

Open5GS Python Library / API

A while ago I wrote a Python library for interfacing Open5GS HSS to Python. The Open5GS HSS uses a MongoDB backend, so the library is just running formatted Mongo queries. You can create, edit and delete subscribers in the HSS, along with modifying any parameters you can from the WebUI. Take a look:

Kamailio Python VoIP

Kamailio Bytes – Python + SIP with KEMI

Using KEMI to handle Kamailio SIP Routing in Python

EPC LTE Mobile Networks Python RF SDM

Open5Gs- Python HSS Interface

Note: NextEPC the Open Source project rebranded as Open5Gs in 2019 due to a naming issue. The remaining software called NextEPC is a branch of an old version of Open5Gs. This post was written before the rebranding. I’ve been working for some time on Private LTE networks, the packet core I’m using is NextEPC, it’s […]

Python VoIP

RTPengine Python API Calls via ng Control Protocol

Connecting to RTPengine via Python

EPC EUTRAN IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks Python RF RFCs & Standards SDM

PyHSS – Python 3GPP LTE Home Subscriber Server

I recently started working on an issue that I’d seen was to do with the HSS response to the MME on an Update Location Answer. I took some Wireshark traces of a connection from the MME to the HSS, and compared that to a trace from a different HSS. (Amarisoft EPC/HSS) The Update Location Answer […]

Python RFCs & Standards VoIP

PyRTP – Simple RTP Library for Python

Basic usage of a Python RTP library I wrote


SCTP in Python

I’ve written in the past about SCTP – Stream Control Transmission Protocol, talking about it’s advantages and how to implement it in Kamailio. If you’d like to write your own software using SCTP there’s a fantastic SCTP sockets library from P1 Security that makes this easy as any other socket programming. Take a look at […]

EPC IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards SDM Software

Diameter Routing Agents – Part 5 – AVP Transformations

A look at why we’d want to apply translations to Diameter AVPs inside a Diameter Routing Agent

CGrateS Mobile Networks SDM Software VoIP

CGrateS in Baby Steps – Part 2 – Adding Rates and Destinations through the API

CGRates in Baby Steps – Part 2 – Introduction to the CGrates API

Linux Python Software

Scratch’n’Sniff – An easy tool for remote Packet Captures

A new tool I’ve written to stream packets from one machine to another for analysis in real time.

GSM Mobile Networks SDM Software

USSD Gateway with Osmocom

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or “USSD” is the stack used in Cellular Networks to offer interactive text based menus and systems to Subscribers. If you remember topping up your mobile phone credit via a text menu on your flip phone, there’s a good chance that was USSD*. For a period, USSD Services provided Sporting Scores, […]


Originating calls in FreeSWITCH

Starting calls from FreeSWITCH

Python RF

Forsk Atoll – Importing Antennas

Importing .msi antennas radiation patterns into Atoll

5G SA EPC LTE Mobile Networks SDM

Backing up and Restoring Open5GS

How to backup and restore Open5Gs config between servers