PyHSS – Python 3GPP LTE Home Subscriber Server

I recently started working on an issue that I’d seen was to do with the HSS response to the MME on an Update Location Answer.

I took some Wireshark traces of a connection from the MME to the HSS, and compared that to a trace from a different HSS. (Amarisoft EPC/HSS)

The Update Location Answer sent by the Amarisoft HSS to the MME over the S6a (Diameter) interface includes an AVP for “Multiple APN Configuration” which has the the dedicated bearer for IMS, while the HSS in the software I was working on didn’t.

After a bit of bashing trying to modify the S6a responses, I decided I’d just implement my own Home Subscriber Server.

The Diameter interface is pretty straight forward to understand, using a similar structure to RADIUS, and with the exception of the Crypto for the EUTRAN Authentication Vectors, it was all pretty straight forward.

If you’d like to know more you can download PyHSS from my GitLab page, and view my Diameter Primer post and my post on Diameter packet structure.

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  1. Hello Nick,

    Excellent Blogs, Interested in deploying The pyhss in our environment, Kindly PM on the mail to discuss.

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