5G SA Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards SDM Security

Some thoughts on NRF Security in 5G Core

A look at attack vectors the NRF opens up in #5G Core networks, and the mitigations recommended by 3GPP.

EPC EUTRAN IMS / VoLTE LTE Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards VoIP

IMS / VoLTE IPsec on the Gm Interface

The exchange between a UE and P-CSCF to put SIP traffic into IPsec encapsulated payloads.

Australian Telco Security

SMS Security – Banks

The other day I got an SMS from my bank, one of the big 4 Australian Banks. BANKNAME Alert: Block placed on card ending in XXXX, for suspicious transaction at ‘THING NICK PURCHASED ONLINE’ for $29.00 at 13:56. If genuine, reply ‘Yes’. If Fraud, reply ‘No’. SMS from bank They’d detected possible fraud on my […]

Linux Python RFCs & Standards VoIP

Reverse MD5 on SIP Auth

How the SIP Authentication mechanism works, and how we can reverse it to check the password we’re expecting is the encrypted value we’re seeing in captures.