IMS / VoLTE Kamailio Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards Software VoIP

Kamailio Diameter Routing Agent Support

Using Kamailio with a Diameter Routing Agent

5G SA Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards SDM

If you like Pina Coladas, and service the control plane – Intro to NRF in 5GC

Looking for Love in the 5G Core?

Let’s look at our matchmaker – The Network Repository Function in 5G Core.

5G SA Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards

5G Online Charging with the Nchf_ConvergedCharging SBI

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and 5G is the same – services running through a 5G Standalone core need to be billed. In 5G Core Networks, the SMF (Session Management Function) reaches out to the CHF (Charging Function) to perform online charging, via the Nchf_ConvergedCharging Service Based Interface (aka reference point). Like […]

EPC Mobile Networks SDM

Jaffa Cakes explain the nuances between Centralized vs Decentralized Online Charging in 3GPP Networks

A look at Centralized vs DeCentralized Online Charging with the aid of sugar.

5G SA Mobile Networks SDM

EIR in 5G Networks (N5g-eir_EquipmentIdentityCheck)

A look at the Equipment Identity Register in 5G Core