BaiCells USIM PLMN Issues (MCC 314 / MNC 030 vs MCC 311 / MNC 98)

If you’re using BaiCells hardware you may have noticed the new eNBs and USIMs are shipping with the PLMN of MCC 314 / MNC 030.

First thing I do is change the PLMN, but I was curious as to why the change.

It seems 314 / 030 was never assigned to BaiCells to use and when someone picked this up they were forced to change it.

The MCC (Mobile Country Code) part is dictated by the country / geographic area the subscribers’ are in, as defined by ITU, whereas the MNC (Mobile Network Code) allocation is managed by the regional authority and ITU are informed as to what the allocations are and publish in their bulletins.

ITU advertised this in Operational Bulletin No. 1198 (15.VI.2020)

What does this mean if you’re a BaiCells user?

Well, SIM cards will have a different IMSI / PLMN, but the hardware supports Multi-Operator Core Network which allows one eNB to broadcast multiple PLMNs, so if you update your eNB it can broadcast both!

I’ve written more about that in my post on MOCN.

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