5G SA Mobile Networks

My first 5G Core: Open5Gs and UERANSIM

While 5G SA devices are still in their early stages, and 5G RAN hardware / gNodeBs are hard to come by, so today we’ll cover using UERANSIM to simulate UEs and 5G RAN, to put test calls through our 5GC. Bringing your 5G Core Online We’ll use Open5Gs for all the 5GC components, and install […]

5G SA EPC Mobile Networks RFCs & Standards

5GC for EPC Folks – User Plane Traffic

How User Plane traffic is handled in 5GC compared to EPC

5G SA EPC LTE Mobile Networks

CUPS – Control and User Plane Separation in LTE & NR with PFCP (Sx & N4)

A look at PFCP for the Sx and N4 Interfaces