USSD Gateway with Osmocom

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or “USSD” is the stack used in Cellular Networks to offer interactive text based menus and systems to Subscribers. If you remember topping up your mobile phone credit via a text menu on your flip phone, there’s a good chance that was USSD*. For a period, USSD Services provided Sporting Scores, … Continue reading USSD Gateway with Osmocom

GSM with Osmocom: GPRS & Packet Data

So far we’ve focused on building a plain “2G” (voice and SMS only) network, which was all consumers expected twenty years ago. As the number of users accessing the internet through DSL, Dial Up & ISDN grew, the idea of getting this data “on the go” became more appealing. TCP/IP was becoming the dominant standard … Continue reading GSM with Osmocom: GPRS & Packet Data

Noka GSM phones on Osmocom

GSM with Osmocom Part 9: Calls & SMS at last!

So now we’ve covered the basics of what’s involved let’s get some traffic on our network. For starters we’ll need to start each of our network elements and bring up whichever BTS hardware we’re using. In order for our calls to have audio, we’ll need to set a parameter on the Media Gateway. We’ll cover … Continue reading GSM with Osmocom Part 9: Calls & SMS at last!