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Adding support for AMR Codec in FreeSWITCH

If you’re building IMS Networks, the AMR config is a must, but FreeSWITCH does not ship with AMR due to licencing constraints, but has all the hard work done, you just need to add the headers for AMR support and compile.

LibOpenCore has support for AMR which we build, and then with a few minor tweaks to copy the C++ header files over to the FreeSWITCH source directory, and enable support in modules.conf.

Then when building FreeSWITCH you’ve got the AMR Codec to enable you to manage IMS / VoLTE media streams from mobile devices.

Instead of copying and pasting a list of commands to do this, I’ve published a Dockerfile here you can use to build a Docker image, or on a straight Debian Buster machine if you’re working on VMs or Bare Metal if you run the commands from the Dockerfile on the VM / bare metal.

You can find the Dockerfile on my Github here,