Multi Operator Core-Networks (MOCN) for RAN Sharing

MOCN is one of those great concepts I’d not really come across,

Multi-tenancy on the RAN side of the network, allowing an eNB to broadcast multiple PLMN IDs (MCC/MNC) in the System Information Block (SIB).

It allows site sharing not just on the tower itself, but site sharing on the RAN side, allowing customers of MNO A to see themselves connected to MNO A, and customers from MNO B see themselves as connected to MNO B, but they’re both connected to the same RAN hardware.

Setup in my lab was a breeze; your RAN hardware will probably be different.

In terms of signaling it’s a standard S1AP Setup Request except with multiple broadcast PLMN keys:

Now when I run a manual cell selection on my UE I can see the PLMN 460/11 as well as the Open5gs 00101 PLMN:

4 thoughts on “Multi Operator Core-Networks (MOCN) for RAN Sharing

  1. Hi Nick, what type of Radio did you used ? that one has the MOCN list already enabled ? Thanks!

    1. Mi Miguel,
      Most radios these days from the big kit vendors support this, I’ve done it on Huawei and Ericsson in production networks.

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