Wireguard in Mikrotik RouterOS

Recently I’ve been using Wireguard to fix the things I once used IPsec for.

It was merged into the Mainline Linux kernel late last year, and then in RouterOS 7.0beta7 (2020-Jun-3) the system kernel on RouterOS was upgraded to version 5.6.3 which contains Wireguard support.

Unfortunately this feature is going to stay in the Unstable / Development releases for the time being until a kernel update is done for the stable release to 5.5.3 or higher, but for now I thought I’d try it out.

After loading a beta version of the firmware, under Interfaces I have the option to add a Wireguard interface, for clients to connect to my Mikrotik using Wireguard.

It’s nice and simple to see the public/private key pair (a new key pair is generated for each Wireguard instance which is nifty) that we an use to authenticate / be authenticated.

If we want to configure remote peers, we do this by jumping over to the Wireguard -> Peers tab, allowing us to setup Peers from here.

Obviously routing and firewalls remain to be setup, but I love the simplicity of Wireguard, and in the RouterOS implimentation this is kept.

One thought on “Wireguard in Mikrotik RouterOS

  1. hi,
    on the peer whose public key should be added on the server.is it from the client.
    incase you have a video kindly send.

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