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Wireguard in Mikrotik RouterOS

Recently I’ve been using Wireguard to fix the things I once used IPsec for.

It was merged into the Mainline Linux kernel late last year, and then in RouterOS 7.0beta7 (2020-Jun-3) the system kernel on RouterOS was upgraded to version 5.6.3 which contains Wireguard support.

Unfortunately this feature is going to stay in the Unstable / Development releases for the time being until a kernel update is done for the stable release to 5.5.3 or higher, but for now I thought I’d try it out.

After loading a beta version of the firmware, under Interfaces I have the option to add a Wireguard interface, for clients to connect to my Mikrotik using Wireguard.

It’s nice and simple to see the public/private key pair (a new key pair is generated for each Wireguard instance which is nifty) that we an use to authenticate / be authenticated.

If we want to configure remote peers, we do this by jumping over to the Wireguard -> Peers tab, allowing us to setup Peers from here.

Obviously routing and firewalls remain to be setup, but I love the simplicity of Wireguard, and in the RouterOS implimentation this is kept.