How 5G “Slices” are purchased and activated in Android

Slicing has long been held up as one of the monetizations opportunities for residential customers, but few seem to be familiar with it beyond a concept, so I thought I’d take a look at how it actually works in Android, and how an end user would interact with it.

For starters, there’s a little used hook in Android TelephonyManager called purchasePremiumCapability, this method can be called by a carrier’s self care app.

You can pass it the type of “Slice” (capability) to purchase, for example PREMIUM_CAPABILITY_PRIORITIZE_LATENCY for the slice.

Operators would need the Telephony Permission for their app, and a function from the app in order to activate this, but it doesn’t require on Android Carrier Privileges and a matching signature on the SIM card, although there’s a lot of good reasons to include this in your Android Manifest for a Carrier Self-Care app.

We’ve made a little test app we use for things like enabling VoLTE, setting the APNs, setting carrier config, etc, etc. I added the Purchase Slice capability to it and give it a shot.

Android Studio Carrier Privilages

And the hook works, I was able to “purchase” a Slice.

App running on a Samsung phone shown with SCRCPY

I did some sleuthing to find if any self-care apps from carriers have implemented this functionality for standards-based slicing, and I couldn’t find any, I’m curious to see if it takes off – as I’ve written about previously slicing capabilities are not new in cellular, but the attempt to monetise it is.

More info in Telephony Manager – purchasePremiumCapability – Android Developers

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