Connecting to a Huawei BTS3900

Meta: This post is a series chronicling my adventures with a second hand Huawei BTS3900 I purchased. You can find an index of these posts here.

So you purchased a used Macro base station online, good for you.

Now you need to know how to configure it.

First things first, you’ll need to connect to the MPT card – Main Processing & Transmission,

Chances are you’ll have a LMPT (LTE Main Processing & Transmission) or UMPT (Universal Main Processing & Transmission) card.

Set your Ethernet adaptor’s IP to,

If you’ve got a LMPT card you plug into the ETH port, and then browse to, to hit the WebLMT interface.

If you’ve got a UMPT card, you’d need to connect a USB-NIC to the USB port.

And presto, we can reach the WebLMT interface;

I’ve found Firefox on Linux works OK – some functions don’t work, but a VM running IE and Java 7 does the trick just fine.

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