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GNS3 vCenter / ESXi – Allow Traffic

The other day I setup GNS3 in the lab for some testing, we run vCenter for our server workloads, so I chucked the OVA on there.

One issue I ran into is that when linking a Cloud Component to a router, I simply could not get a path in/out of the router, I wasn’t learning MAC addresses and my ARP requests were going unanswered.

Wireshark showed the ARP requests going down that interface, and broadcast traffic from the rest of the network, so what gives?

The answer was pretty simple, on the vHost itself I needed to enable Promiscuous mode to allow L2 addresses that aren’t the VM, to be sent from within the VM.

Under Networking -> Port Groups -> the NICs you have assigned in GNS3:

Make sure Promiscuous mode, MAC address changes and Forged transmits are allowed – By default they’re denied on the vSwitch which it inherits from.

There’s obviously security concerns here, so think before you do, but that should have packets flowing.