Setup HOMER Web UI, API & DB on Ubuntu 18.04

HOMER is a popular open source SIP / RTP debug / recording tool.

It’s architecture is pretty straight forward, we have a series of Capture Agents feeding data into a central HOMER Capture Server, which runs a database (today we’re using MySQL), a Homer-UI (Running on Apache), a Homer-API (Also running on Apache) and a HEP processor, which takes the HEP encoded data from the Capture Agents and runs on Kamailio. (That’s right, I’m back rambling about Kamailio)

Homer data flow diagram

So this will get the web interface and DB backend of HOMER setup,

For HOMER to actually work you’ll need to feed it data, in the next tutorial we’ll cover configuring a capture agent to feed the HEP processor (Kamailio) which we’ll also setup, but for now we’ll just setup the web user interface for HOMER, API and Database.

Install Web Server Prerequisites

apt-get install apache2 php php-mysql mysql-server

git clone

git clone

Configure Apache

cp homer-api/examples/web/homer5.apache /etc/apache2/sites-available/homer.conf

a2ensite homer
a2dissite 000-default

a2enmod rewrite

mkdir /var/log/httpd

systemctl reload apache2

Setup MySQL

mysql -u root < homer-api/sql/mysql/homer_databases.sql
mysql -u root < homer-api/sql/mysql/homer_user.sql
mysql -u root homer_data < homer-api/sql/mysql/schema_data.sql
mysql -u root homer_configuration < homer-api/sql/mysql/schema_configuration.sql
mysql -u root homer_statistic < homer-api/sql/mysql/schema_statistic.sql

Copy files to web server directory

mkdir /var/www/sipcapture
mkdir /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs
cp -r homer-ui/ /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/
cp -r homer-api/api /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/homer-ui/

Setup Rotation Script

mkdir /opt/sipcapture
cp homer-api/scripts/mysql/* /opt/sipcapture/
chmod +x /opt/sipcapture/*
apt-get install libdbi-perl libdbd-mysql-perl
echo "30 3 * * * /opt/sipcapture/homer_mysql_rotate > /dev/null 2>&1" >> /etc/crontab

Copy default configuration files

cp /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/homer-ui/api/preferences_example.php /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/homer-ui/api/preferences.php
cp /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/homer-ui/api/configuration_example.php /var/www/sipcapture/htdocs/homer-ui/api/configuration.php

Log in


Username: admin
Password: test123

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