My 2021 Telco Reading List for the Holidays

Here’s the list of books I’ve got for the holiday period:

5G Core Networks: Powering Digitalization

A good technical overview of the 5GC architecture, covering the actual elements and their interfaces / reference points, without any talk of robotic surgery.

Clear Across Australia (A history of Telecommunications)

Ann Moyal

This one is an actual hardback book that came in the mail, not just delivered to my ebook reader!

It covers the history of telecommunications in Australia, right from Charles Todd’s Overland Telegraph Line, to the first talk of “Integrated Digital Network” (Later ISDN).

Sonet / SDH Demystified

Steven Shepard

An overview of SDH/PDH networks, for the somewhat beginner.

The Idea Factory

Jon Gertner

A history of Bell Labs and it’s many, many, many achievements.

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