Kamailio Bytes – Nightly Releases the Lazy Way

Installing from source can be a headache,

If you’re running a Debian system, the Kamailio team provide nightly development builds as Debian packages that can be installed on Debian or Ubuntu systems using the apt package manager.

Installing is a breeze, first we just add the GPG key for the repo:

 wget -O- http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailiodebkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add - 

Then it’s just a matter of adding the release to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

I’m running Bionic, so I’ll add:

deb     http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailiodev-nightly bionic main
deb-src http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailiodev-nightly bionic main 

Then just update and install the packages you require:

apt-get update
apt-get install kamailio*

For a full list of the Debian packages published check out the Debian package list:


Where you can find the nightly builds and stable builds for each of the releases.


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