Huawei BBU 3900 Architecture

Huawei Baseband Cheat Sheet

Baseband Units (UBBP)

CardMax LTE Cells
UBBPd33×20 MHz 2T2R
UBBPd43×20 MHz 4T4R
UBBPd56×20 MHz 2T2R OR 3×20 MHz 4T4R
UBBPd66×20 MHz 4T4R
UBBPe13×20 MHz 2T2R
UBBPe23×20 MHz 4T4R
UBBPe36×20 MHz 2T2R OR 3×20 MHz 4T4R
UBBPe46×20 MHz 4T4R OR 3×20 MHz 8T8R
Max Cells in LTE FDD

Main Processing and Transmission (LMPT/UMPT)

In some instances two boards can be used together to double the max cells or max throughput values.

CardMax CellsMax Throughput
(at MAC Layer)
Max UEs
(In RRC Connected)
LMPT18 Cells (4T4R)Uplink 300Mbps
Downlink 450Mbps
UMPTa36 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 1.5Gbps10800
UMPTb136 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 1.5Gbps10800
UMPTb236 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 1.5Gbps10800
UMPTb336 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 2Gbps10800
UMPTb936 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 2Gbps10800
UMPTe72 Cells (4T4R)Aggregate 10Gbps14400

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